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Moonlight Industrial Supplies Factory is a reputable company in Qatar, focused on collecting, sorting-out, processing and bailing of recycled ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap. Established in 2003, we have built a very good history in the recycling business. Initially, the company’s sole activity was the collection and supply of Metal Scraps. Moreover, as one of the oldest companies in Qatar, Moonlight Industrial Supplies Factory took up processing of scrap materials. It also expanded its activity to include preparing material for further processing by sorting, crushing, grinding, briquetting, and granulating. We adopt the most advanced processing technologies and employ our own methods to process various type of scrap materials. The different types of metal scraps are sorted and separated from the contaminations. At present our company cooperates with many metal plants and foundries at home and abroad. We produce high quality recycled materials utilized in manufacturing industries.

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Our Specialty

Why Choose Moonlight Factory?

Environmental Responsibility

We’re dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of metal production. By choosing us, you support sustainable and eco-friendly practices that preserve our planet.

Quality Assurance

Our recycling process adhere to the best quality standards. With it’s creation in 2003, our business is  20 years+ and we still strive to be  the best in the metal scrap industry.

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty & integrity across all aspects of our business make us more  reliable. Continuous improvement in all areas with focus on health, safety, environment and employee development and recognition.

Global Reach

Moonlight Industrial Supplies Factory operates on a global scale, catering to clients across borders. We’re your trusted partner no matter where you’re located.

Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver solutions that exceed your expectations. We have highly experienced dedicated team of workers  in the business to give you the best service ever.

Innovation and Technology

Moonlight Industrial Supplies Factory is at the forefront of innovation in the metal industry. We continuously invest in cutting-edge technology to improve our recycling processes and to reduce environmental impact.

Our Core

What We Do at Moonlight Industrial Supplies Factory

At Moonlight Industrial Supplies Factory, we specialize in core areas that define our commitment to excellence in the world of metals:

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Our metal recycling division is dedicated to environmental responsibility and sustainability. We take pride in transforming discarded metal scrap into valuable resources that power industries and promote a circular economy. Here's what we do in the realm of metal recycling:

Metal Recycling:

  • Metal Procurement:
    We source a wide range of metal scrap, including ferrous and non-ferrous materials, from various industries and locations.
  • State-of-the-Art Recycling:
    Our advanced recycling facilities employ cutting-edge technology and expert metallurgists to process and refine metal scrap efficiently.
  • Environmental Stewardship:
    Moonlight Metals is deeply committed to reducing the environmental impact of metal production by recycling, minimizing waste, and conserving natural resources.
  • Sustainable Solutions:
    By choosing us as your metal recycling partner, you contribute to a sustainable future while also benefiting from the economic advantages of recycling.